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Finding Literature in Button Mashing:

A Close Reading of Input Strings in Bastion

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Hey there little man, how's it hangin'?

This is the page for a little project of mine that I completed for a course in Digital Studies at the University of Mary Washington. In this little exercise, I played through Bastion, the video game, on my laptop PC while simultaneously recording every key and mouse stroke required to beat it. My assignment was to do a close reading of some manner of text using a digital media tool of my choosing, and lo I chose the button input from a Bastion playthrough. I chose this because I believed it would allow me some revealing and interesting insights about not only Bastion as a media experience, but about the unique qualities of gaming as a unique kind of experience. Seemed like a worthwhile undertaking to me- after all, even if the whole shebang went south I'd still have a blast playing a cool game that had otherwise been collecting dust in my Steam library. Maintaining the recording software I installed while simultaneously trying to finish the game was a bit of an undertaking- but I believe everything came together very well in the end. I also captured my whole playthrough on video, but due to technical issues it's looking like most of that's not going to be up for a while yet (if ever). The video wasn't crucial to my analysis anyway, so I don't believe my overall project will suffer too greatly for its temporary(?) absence. In any case, go click around the site and feel free to contact me if you find any ideas you dig. I'm always glad for feedback. Thanks for visiting, and have a good one.